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The latest news on our Lawrence and Hogarth collections

The Lawrence collections at Magdalen College are still expanding! The Wilson Archive Project is in progress until 2023, and we plan to hold new events tying in to this project.

In this blog, you can find the latest updates on new finds from the Jeremy Wilson Archive in real time as cataloguing is in progress, news on our other Lawrence collections including original items owned by the TE Lawrence Society, announcements on forthcoming events and conferences from the Library and Archives Team, and any other Lawrence-related news we can think of!

19 August 2022 | Lucy Smith

An Intriguing Set of Stamps

A quick look suggested that they were Hejaz stamps, which were designed by the Arab Bureau in 1916 for circulation in Arabia.

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22 July 2022 | Lucy Smith

T.E. Lawrence’s Favourite Cake and other Letters from Friends

The memories and experiences of people who met T.E. Lawrence have long proved a fascinating subject for researchers.

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20 June 2022 | Lucy Smith

How to Write a Biography

The Jeremy Wilson archive tells the story of how hundreds of files of raw material became an 1000 page biography.

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26 April 2022 | Lucy Smith

The T.E. Lawrence Mysteries…

There have been many mysteries associated with Lawrence of Arabia. Some of these have been of his own making, others have grown in the fertile soil of the Lawrence legend.

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28 March 2022 | Lucy Smith

A Life in Memoirs: T.E. Lawrence Remembered

After T.E. Lawrence’s death in May 1935, many people that he had known felt moved to write about their memories of him.

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16 February 2022 | Lucy Smith

Lawrence in the News

Newspaper clippings are often the best place to pick up obscure stories that get lost in the maze of Lawrence research.

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17 January 2022 | Lucy Smith

Lawrence of South America

The Wilson collection has a surprising connection with "The Golden Age of Chilean Science Fiction"

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23 November 2021 | Lucy Smith

The Story of Minorities

As was the case with T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the history of the making of Minorities is somewhat of a saga in itself

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27 October 2021 | Lucy Smith

A Hidden History: Wilson’s Research Assistant and the inspiration of “Casablanca”

Documents from the Wilson Archive reveal that Lilith Friedman was involved personally in the political maelstrom of European history.

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