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The latest news on our Lawrence and Hogarth collections

The Lawrence collections at Magdalen College are still expanding! The Wilson Archive Project is in progress until 2023, and we plan to hold new events tying in to this project.

In this blog, you can find the latest updates on new finds from the Jeremy Wilson Archive in real time as cataloguing is in progress, news on our other Lawrence collections including original items owned by the TE Lawrence Society, announcements on forthcoming events and conferences from the Library and Archives Team, and any other Lawrence-related news we can think of!

15 February 2024 | Lucy Smith

“I assumed he was probably a poet”: Four mysterious tapes from the Wilson archive

Just when I thought that the Wilson archive had yielded all its secrets and there was nothing left to find, late last year I discovered a box containing four mysterious tapes...

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12 December 2023 | Lucy Smith

Magazines from the Wilson Archive

The Jeremy Wilson archive contains mountains of press clippings, but amongst these are a number of complete original magazines dating from Lawrence's lifetime. They give an insight into the early twentieth-century world and the…

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3 November 2023 | Lucy Smith

Upcoming Event: Alexander Maitland speaks on T.E. Lawrence and Wilfred Thesiger

The author and artist Alexander Maitland will be coming to Magdalen on Wednesday 15th November 2023 to speak on the extraordinary lives of two explorers: T.E. Lawrence and Wilfred Thesiger.

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20 September 2023 | Lucy Smith

Conference Report: Writing Lawrence and His World

On 31st August 2023, over 80 experts, fans and other interested parties gathered at Magdalen College for a day of talks on "Writing T.E. Lawrence and his World".

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1 June 2023 | Lucy Smith

Letters From Young Hogarth: A Wandering Fever

Letters in our collections reveal a young Hogarth who is quite different from his usual patriarchal image, driven by his own fierce ambition and a "wandering fever" which he struggled to reconcile with his…

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3 May 2023 | Lucy Smith

Publishing Lawrence: A Selection of Ephemera

Jeremy Wilson collected ephemera and prospectuses relating to the publication of various books by and about Lawrence and his circle, many of which are beautiful objects in themselves.

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27 March 2023 | Lucy Smith

100 Boxes to Go: Cataloguing the Wilson Collection

In this blog, I usually focus on the stories surrounding the materials that I find in the Wilson collection. Today, I’m going to give a little insight into the processes involved in cataloguing the…

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23 February 2023 | Lucy Smith

Writing Lawrence and his World: Booking Open!

We are excited to announce that booking is now open for Magdalen College Archives' conference "Writing Lawrence and his World: Jeremy Wilson and the Art/Science of Biography".

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25 January 2023 | Lucy Smith

A Visit to Gertrude Bell in Newcastle: Challenging Legacies Exhibition

I recently attended a private view of a new exhibition on Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) and Iraq at Newcastle's Great North Museum. The exhibition, entitled "Challenging Legacies: The Kingdom of Iraq and Gertrude Bell", is…

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