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Magdalen College has become a true centre for Lawrence of Arabia research.

Bronze bust of Lawrence, cast as 1 of 9 by Eric Kennington, 1926. Magdalen College, P1787

In recent years, the Library and Archives have both highlighted and expanded our collections on this enigmatic figure – one of Magdalen’s most famous alumni. In 2018-19, our widely-acclaimed exhibition Lawrence of Oxford showcased his enduring link to Magdalen and the city of his birth. Last year, we received the archive of D. G. Hogarth (1862-1927), former Magdalen Fellow, archaeologist, and close associate of Lawrence in the Middle East. At the same time, both the Archive and Research Library of Lawrence’s official biographer, Jeremy Wilson (1944–2017), arrived in College.

This portal aims to bring together all this activity relating to Lawrence across the Library and Archives. It is designed to act as an introduction to Lawrence to those unfamiliar with him, to provide an entry point into our research collections, and to link to further resources for those that want to know more. On the following three tabs, you’ll be able to read extracts from our Lawrence of Oxford exhibition that showcased his entire life. Curated by Former Fellow Librarian Daryl Green and Fellow by Examination Dr Rory McCarthy, the physical exhibition ran in the Old Library at Magdalen from 2018-2019. Once you’ve discovered more about Lawrence’s unique life, you’ll be able to discover more about Hogarth, Wilson, and the research importance of their extensive Archives.

We have designed the site to be both dynamic and interactive. In a dedicated blog section, you will be able to discover insights into the Jeremy Wilson archive in real time – as it is catalogued! There’s also an opportunity to join in the conversation by signing up to our dedicated mailing list. We will use this list to provide further updates around the collections and to invite you to Lawrence-related events.

We hope that this site will inform, educate, and highlight our Lawrence collections to a worldwide audience. Click ‘next section’ in the bottom right-hand corner to start your journey…